Memoir of the Legendary Scholar
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhwa
Released 2022
Author Ha Won-ki, Koo Ja-joon
Artist Ji Hyun-woo
Serialization KakaoPage
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Memoir of the Legendary Scholar

매월당 열전

Synopsis Memoir of the Legendary Scholar

‘Kim Si-seup’, a man destined to fight for the rest of his life with a cluster of another world. He was known as a prodigy since childhood, but fate didn’t help him. The painter that came to find out about the identity of the woman who appears in his dream every night, only speaks incomprehensible words…”The world isn’t everything you see. Maybe there is a world we didn’t know existed…something like that.”

As he lives in this world, he found out about the existence of another world. The poor man who fights alone in order to protect this world’s life and obligation, the story of ‘Kim Si-Seup’ begins! A back and forth crossover historical fantasy between Joseon and Seoul!
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Chapter Memoir of the Legendary Scholar