Gambling 1945
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhwa
Released 2023
Author Box Office, Choi Cheong Woo
Artist Vne
Serialization Naver Series
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Gambling 1945

갬블링 1945

Synopsis Gambling 1945

Sun Woo-jin, a penniless orphan from Joseon, catches the attention of Yakuza Yagamata from Japan, who recognizes his genius abilities through a certain incident and proposes a partnership. As a result, Sun Woo-jin enters the social circle of Incheon and builds friendships with nobles. One day, he meets the members of a Korean independence armed group called “Eobyeolgyo” and receives information about his father’s secret and their proposal. Determined to join forces with them, he begins to dive into a high-stakes gambling game for the fate of his homeland.